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Flu Shot Facts

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Flu Shot Facts

Flu Vaccine Facts

With the first cases of influenza being reported in the U.S., it's important to get your flu shot as soon as possible to allow your body to build immunity and reduce the risk of serious effects from the flu. It takes around 2 weeks for your body to create the antibodies that protect you against the flu virus. Adults over 65 can receive a high-dose of the vaccine to improve the immune system response.

By getting immunized you will not only protect yourself from infection and increase your immunity, you will also reduce the likelihood that the flu virus will be spread to your family and the community. Children under 5, adults 65 and older, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems are at highest risk of complications from the flu virus.

Should I Get a COVID-19 vaccine when I get my flu shot?

When the COVID-19 vaccines were first approved, it was recommended that the vaccines be given 2 weeks apart. As more research has been done, it is now considered safe to receive both vaccines at the same time.  Each vaccine is designed to build up different  antibodies in the immune system. If you have has side effects from either the influenza or COVID-19 vaccines in the past, we recommend talk to your doctor about the timing of each vaccine.

Did You Know?

It's important to get a flu shot every year. Each season's vaccine is be targeted to this year's most dominant strain.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over the last 50 years hundreds of millions of Americans have received the flu shot. The vaccine has proven to be safe and effective at preventing serious complications.

While getting a flu shot is not a guarantee against getting infected, and the effectiveness of the vaccine will vary from season to season, being immunized can reduce the severity and duration of the illness should you become sick from an infection.

Flu Shot Side Effects

The most common side effect of the flu shot are soreness and slight swelling at the injection site. These effects usually last no more than two days. Other mild side effects include a headache, and muscle aches.

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