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Treating Lower Back Pain

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There are many causes of lower back pain, they include:

  • An injury from impact or repetitive motion that strains or sprains the soft muscle tissue to 
  • Fractures and compression of the joints in the spine
  • A herniated disc that puts pressure on the spinal nerves
  • Osteoarthritis caused by aging, injury, and obesity
  • In rare cases, a bacterial infection or spinal tumors

Usually, lower back pain will subside with regular activity such as walking and treatment with over the counter pain medications.

Regular exercise, especially walking, can be effective at preventing back pain by strengthening muscles, maintaining healthy weight and improving blood circulation.

Exercises like core stabilization can strengthen the muscles in your trunk, improving your posture while keeping your body in better balance, lowering your chance of injury.

Each of the various treatments for back pain work for some people but not for others. You may need to try different things to see which work best for you. If your back pain is a result of trauma, is debilitating, or persists for more than a week, see your doctor. Your doctor can diagnose the specific cause and recommend exercises to help your back get stronger.

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