Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Parkway Plan

Having access to affordable, high quality and reliable health care is important to you and it’s equally important to us!

The Parkway Plan was developed in response to problems seen with the insurance options available to our patients. The cost and increasing limitations of health insurance and HMO coverage made it clear that some innovative thinking was needed.
Parkway Plan

The Parkway Plan is designed to function as an affordable way to have quality health care at a fixed cost and have access to your own independent family doctor who works for you—not the insurance industry.  The Parkway Plan is a direct service contract between your physician and you. For a fixed cost, we will provide any of the services our clinic offers at our site whenever you need them. This would include any visits for illness, injury, preventive or routine exams, laboratory tests, X-rays and any of the other services available in our office. Your fixed payment will remain the same and cover all these services with no other hidden fees or charges.

We believe that The Parkway Plan offers you and your family an exceptional value. It nicely complements HSA’s and high deductible plans. In some situations, it can even function alone with the understanding that it covers only services that we are able provide at our site (i.e., this is a service contract and not insurance). By statute, it is not compatible with Medicare.

For more information or to sign up for The Parkway Plan, please contact Sue at 651-690-1311.

Physician Retainer Agreement for the Parkway Plan

Individual Parkway Plan Application Form

Family Parkway Plan Application Form


New patients must pay for the entire year in advance. We offer options for quarterly or monthly payments with an additional billing service fee.

Individual Parkway Plan $540.00 Per Year*
Family Parkway Plan $1,440.00 Per Year*

*There will be times when you may need outside testing, visits to consultants, surgery and hospitalization. The Parkway Plan does not cover these costs.
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Patient Testimonials

"The care provided by Parkway is exceptional. I know of no other clinic in the Twin Cities where the length of patient appointments is based on patient need, not on a prescribed, preset time slot.”