Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Your Family’s Home For Personalized Health Care

At the heart of Parkway Family Physicians clinic is the belief that as family physicians, we become the advocate of each of our patient's overall health. Many of our patients came to us because they wanted more then sterile, assembly line medical care. They wanted care from physicians who take the time to listen to them, get to know them and their families and work together with them to achieve optimum health.
About Parkway

You can be certain, this is the level of care you will receive at Parkway Family Physicians. We warmly welcome new patients because we know many individuals and families are feeling lost in the confusion of today’s medical system. At Parkway we want everyone to know that we are here for you and ready to become your family’s health care advocates.

The Parkway Difference?

We are a private, independent practice constantly striving to provide excellence in personalized, compassionate care that is consistent, quality-driven and choice-conscious for all of our patients.

Our staff is well trained, caring and professional. Each and every one of us at Parkway Family Physicians respects the diversity and dignity of our patients. We welcome advances in learning and technology in an effort to achieve efficient and quality-driven patient care.

Quality and service are very important to us, such as taking the time needed with each patient, making certain each patient is treated with respect, kindness and dignity, by making sure your time waiting to see a doctor are as short as possible and all test results are available in a timely manner.  From the very first phone call to the last appointment . . . quality care at Parkway Family Physicians is all about the total patient experience.